A few weeks ago, I was going down one of those infamous YouTube rabbit holes, in desperate ​search of some inspiration. I had a little momentum going with my music mid-2023, but then ​my baby brother died, and well…that shit took me out of the game. So, whilst on my quest ​for a sign from the creativity gods, desperately hoping for that bright lightbulb to appear ​over my head, I stumbled upon this interesting interview featuring the late great Mamba ​himself. In the interview, he talked about what the number 24 meant to him, and why he chose ​to dawn that number over his classic number 8.

For him, it symbolized a new era in his life and career. A new journey to embark on, evolving to ​a higher level of self. The words that stuck out to me the most in the interview were “ A ​mountain we had to overcome.” I must have replayed that part at least 20 times. Not only did ​it deeply resonate with me, but it also provoked some serious inner exploration.

You see, I have this tendency to focus heavily on the milestones I haven't reached, rather ​than taking a moment to appreciate the ground I've already covered. Hearing those words ​made me think about all of my internal conflicts that I had neglected to fully process. I ​thought about the beautiful connections that I have made over the years. I thought about ​the people I love and the friendships that I have been blessed to have. I thought about my girl ​preaching to me about being present, giving myself grace, and trusting the process. I could ​even hear my therapist’s voice echoing in my head with a deep warm-hearted tone saying, ​“And remember, be kind to yourself, De'Vaun”.

Every now and then, I need to remind myself that No matter how difficult the journey is, ​there are always small victories along the way. No matter how hard I am on myself, or how ​much bullshit life throws my way….. I still get shit done.

With that said, what better way to start the year than by acknowledging these things, and ​making a declaration to celebrate all of my wins and to never sulk too long over losses. 24 ​and beyond, I will be manifesting the most beautiful life I could ever possibly imagine. When it’s ​all said and done, everything will have been worth the struggle.